Buttercup for iOS

Free & Open-Source Password Manager

Buttercup for iOS is a free password manager that allows to you store your login details and other secret/sensitive information security within a vault file. Host this file anywhere you like - use free services like Dropbox, Google Drive or any cloud storage provider that supports the WebDAV protocol.
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We build Buttercup for iOS alongside its sibling Android application (https://www.producthunt.com/post...). It's part of our suite of free apps you can use to store all of your passwords. Nothing is shared with us, not even analytics (besides the generic ones used by Apple/Google etc.). We take your security seriously and want to keep building what's already become an awesome platform that we're very proud of. Our iOS app now supports OTPs as well, so you don't even need your 2FA authenticator apps anymore!
Does it support iCloud? Presumably if you already have an iOS device you trust Apple with your data, but based on the screenshots you also need to trust a 3rd party provider such as Dropbox or Google.