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Gregor PichlerMaker@ipgregor · Co-founder & COO, Butleroy
Hey @__tosh, thanks for hunting "Book my table, Alfred"! We're really exited to extend our product portfolio with our chatbot for restaurant reservations. "Alfred" is your personal butler for booking a table from now on. The days where you had to call at a restaurant to make a reservation are over! We are happy to answer your questions :)
Wolfgang DammHiring@wolfgang_damm · CTO @ Fretello (Pocket Lifestyle)
@ipgregor How many restaurants are on the platform?
Gregor PichlerMaker@ipgregor · Co-founder & COO, Butleroy
Hi @wolfgang_damm, thats very interesting of course. Our partner for restaurant reservations has more than 20.000 restaurants in 34 different countries. From high-street favourites, to local eateries or the finest Michelin-starred restaurants, our partner Bookatable has it all, with more than thousands of restaurants to choose from.
Alina Stanislavska@alina_karnaukh · Communications Manager, The Welkin Suite
Does this chatbot work across several countries?
Gregor PichlerMaker@ipgregor · Co-founder & COO, Butleroy
@alina_karnaukh our chatbot can book a table in more than 20.000 restaurants, as our partner is strongly focused on Europe, it works best there. Please let us know if you are looking for a specific country that is not available yet :)
Thomas Schranz ⛄️Hunter@__tosh · Co-founder & CEO, Blossom
Are you planning to extend it to other messenger platforms?
Gregor PichlerMaker@ipgregor · Co-founder & COO, Butleroy
@__tosh currently this service is exclusively available on Facebook Messenger. Later this summer the same functionality will come to the already existing myAlfred apps which are available for iOS and Android (you can check it out on www.myalfred.io).
Andreas Mahringer@mahringer_a · Founder of Record Bird (recordbird.com)
Do I have to pay any fees for using this service?
Gregor PichlerMaker@ipgregor · Co-founder & COO, Butleroy
@mahringer_a good news, it's completely free for you. There aren’t any hidden fees or surcharges. “Alfred” will take care of everything :)
Jawad Bhatti@jawad_bhatti · Tech enthusiast, inventor, data geek
Like it guys :)
philipp_baldaufMaker@philipp_baldauf · CEO, Butleroy
@jawad_bhatti thanks :-)