Businesses united against COVID-19

Companies offering free or discounted tools during COVID-19

Companies over the globe are trying to support small businesses or those new to WFH by providing discounts or access to tools for free.
We curate the list so please submit your company’s deals to reach more people who may need them.
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Hey hunters! I hope you are all staying safe an healthy during these crazy times. 😷 This crisis sucks! But at the same time it reveals many good things about people. More and more businesses are paying it forward to support their peers during these turbulent times. This is happening regerdless of the size, industry or geography. Something that restores your faith in humanity! This Monday we published a blog post on some tools for remote work that became free as a response to the COVID-19 crisis - and I was surprised at how much interest it has attracted. Apparently there are already so many deals out there that people already need help to navigate them. This is why our team decided to go several steps further and put together this directory. Check for the services that you are already using - there is a good chance you could cut some of your costs until the lockdown is over. Also this can be a good opportunity to discover new Saas. Looking to learn your opinion on how we can make this directory better. And again: people you are awesome! 😍
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@yurij_riphyak Well done and well said! We're all human and we know when we're needed. Those in power (healthy, wealthy, right position) are the ones that can help those that need help the most. We can see that all around us. From large organizations donating billions of dollars to my girlfriend who offered an elderly neighbor to walk her dog. A good opportunity to get started with a great SaaS product is the following: Want to ensure remote team members collaborate and stay on-brand with structured templates? Lytho wants to help by offering our DAM platform and support for FREE. If you're a SocialGood organization, you can now also make use of GlobalOwls's services for free. Simply state that you've been impacted and the team will promote your cause for free: Hope this helps. Stay positive, stay human, keep helping!
Congrats on the launch. We also launched something similar here on Product Hunt last week:
@farbodsaraf How cool and inspiring that many companies think similar and try to support each other during these difficult times!
@farbodsaraf awesome. Congrats on the launch last week. We also launched a similar 'product' today!
3T - Time Tracker for Trello - 90 days of fully functional trial period
@okarpov nice! can you please submit your offer here:
Good idea. Just upvoted. Would you be interested in adding our deal? Group Leads - Group leads helps you to instantly convert new Facebook group members into leads in your favorite email marketing software. Your leads can be added to three places: 👉 Add data of your new Facebook group members into Google Spreadsheet 👉 Add data of your new Facebook group members on your Group Leads web app. 👉 Add their submitted emails to your favorite email marketing software so you can market to them again and again. ✔️ Zapier is not required ✔️ Google sheet integration ✔️ Grab all members' details at a go! ✔️ [NEW] Automatic approval feature ✔️ [NEW] Auto Decline new members based on keywords ✔️ 21 Autoresponders are supported. Businesses would be able to get 15% OFF any of Group Leads plan. Here is the coupon code: COVID15 Website: Web app: Chrome extension: Thank you.
@jamiuoloyede Thanks, Jamiu! We would love to add your offer. Can you please submit it using the form?
great idea! upvote:)