A better way to build products (by the team at Drift)

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Hey - I'm Matt, one of the co-authors of Burndown. As mentioned in the book, Burndown is a methodology that we've worked to perfect at Drift that comes from years of product development experiments at HubSpot and beyond. We're excited to share the tools and methods that help us execute on a daily basis at Drift. Burndown is the foundation that helps us bring you new, powerful products on the regular that propel our business forward. Speed and flexibility is one of your strongest assets when you're a startup -- Burndown will help you get the most of that. Thanks so much for checking it out! We hope you enjoy the read and use Burndown to build some awesome products for us to hunt in the future 🙂.
@mattbilotti This explainer video is fantastic.
@nikkielizdemere Thanks! I had some help from our awesome video team at Drift 🎥 😄
I have been lucky to know David for several years and have always been impressed with the way he builds products and grows teams. I stumbled across Drift's blog posts on Burndown last year. The framework was consistent with a lot of our values at B12.io such as putting the customer at the center of your development process, moving fast and giving team members autonomy. We had tried alternative frameworks such as agile but felt they were imperfect for the type of velocity and product culture we hoped to develop at B12. So we adopted Burndown in January and have been very happy with the framework. We are incredibly grateful to @dcancel, @mattbilotti and the team at Drift for their generosity in sharing best practices with us at B12! 🙏 I would highly recommend Burndown to any team that hopes to develop world class products. Even if you don't turn into a "Burndown shop," you will certainly find gems of wisdom that will make your team better!
@mattbilotti @nbanta Thanks for the love. Right back at you!!
This is great! Thank you for releasing this. I think your process solves a lot of problems.
Great piece of work guys ;) Will give more feedback after going entirely through it ;)
Is burndown still recommended? How come it doesn't have more traction?