🔥 Reduce churn and track exit feedback for your SaaS

BurnChurn is a drop-in replacement for your “Unsubscribe” button with customized actions to retain users, collect their feedback, and analyze statistics to reduce churn.

BurnChurn accomplishes this by linking in your payment processor, email, webhooks, and more, in order to extend trials, discount, notify support, pause subscriptions, and more.

John Simerlink
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    zero risk; auto refund if it doesn't work;


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    high ROI

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Hi all, As a maker I’ve found that one of the hardest parts of building things is acquiring users. And even after all of that hard work, you are still going to have some users churn - and all of that effort goes to waste. I wanted to build a tool that would automate some of the processes that I found helped reduce user and revenue churn - hopefully saving/making businesses more money. BurnChurn replaces your “Delete Account/Unsubscribe" button with automated actions for Stripe, such as changing plans, extending trials, pausing the account, and more, as well as others, email notifications to support, redirects, and more. All while hopefully collecting insights into how you can improve and prevent future churn. I would love to hear your feedback, and if you have any questions, just let me know! Also, there is a 20% lifetime discount applied on signup today for launch. Best, Kevin
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Nice job. I think this is a really cool idea. Have you considered offering churn consulting as a service? Helping your customers with churn. I see this being a great tool to unlock big problems with product, and consulting or getting involved with rev share to improve churn could be both interesting, and lucrative. Good luck!
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@allbombs Hi Kenny! I've definitely thought of providing churn consulting as a service, and have unofficially done so in the past. What gets me excited about this product is automating these processes (and more to come) to the best of our ability so that users don't have to work so hard to prevent churn. Thanks for commenting!
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Pretty cool, but expensive for what you offer IMO.
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@danielkempe Thanks for the comment and the feedback! The plans are structured based on MRR to hopefully save you many multiples of the cost - but if not, I'm offering a 100% ROI guarantee, so you can try it and get refunded you if you spend more than you save. If that's not enough, you can grab a 20% lifetime discount signing up today :) . What features would you like to see to increase the value to you?
Good product without any risks
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@bethross5 Thanks Beth, I appreciate it!