Tap a button to find hamburger places around you

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Filippo Mursia@mrdobelina · Digital PM @ Gabriela Hearst
Thanks, this should come as a system app in the next iOS
David QuiñonesMaker@daquinons · Programmer
This app is only for people obsessed with burgers! When I'm traveling I always visit the best burger places, so I used to open Yelp and Foursquare to find them. Anyway this app saves me some touches 🍔😋 Things to do: Allow to choose the maximum distance value Save places for later Photo gallery in the place view
Scott Stephens@imscott · Product Designer, The App Business
@dalequi Love this! I always hunt down a 🍔 place when I'm travelling too and usually use Foursquare but this will save so much time. I'm going away this weekend to Brussels so will give it a try! Where does the data come from?
David QuiñonesMaker@daquinons · Programmer
@imscott Thank you! It's coming only from Yelp right now, but for next versions I was thinking about taking ratings from other places too (Foursquare, Tripadvisor) to create a single rate called BurgeRate™ (Pending trademark). What do you think?
Brad Yasar@yasarcorp · It takes a whole life to become you!
@dalequi my hero!
David QuiñonesMaker@daquinons · Programmer
Btw, just a small sneak peek...
Bryant Peng@bryantpeng · Product Designer
Haha love the app icon. Would you consider adding an Imperial Mode (maybe a setting?) for us Americans?
David QuiñonesMaker@daquinons · Programmer
@bryantpeng sure! Added to the to do list, thank you!
B.@bigwavebrett · Designer at Square
this is amazing. I'm always on the hunt for burgers.
David QuiñonesMaker@daquinons · Programmer
@bigwavebrett Welcome to the club! 👊🍔