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Bunting is a flight giveaway service throughout the 🇺🇸. We have parterned with major brands and airlines to offer free flights around the world. We will also offer large discounts for flyers.

Each week, the location will be different and a member of Bunting will be selected at random to win.

This membership includes free merch 🤑


  • Emily Lonettogrowth person, powered by cold brew

    Love the simplicity and spontaneity of the product


    Would love to see it open to Canada (I swear Canadians are great)

    Excited to see the delivery or cross-sharing of deals moving forward. Not a whole lot of information on the landing page as of now, but that's what makes it fun.

    Emily Lonetto has used this product for one day.


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Trista KempaHiring@tristajaye · Ops + CX
Interested in what you think the breaking point is for $1 vs # of subscribers. Do you have a max # yet? I'm not willing to pay even $1 for the powerball -- but if I'm 1 out of 5K max for a flight, I may consider sticking with it. I signed up anyway just to check it out, seems like a better way to gamble :)
Garry JamesMaker@garryj92 · Building a micro travel startup ✈️😎
@tristajaye Hi Trista, we have already reached our breakeven point as our flights are subsided by our airline/travel partners. We believe as the service gains traction so will more partners. Thanks for signing up 👍
Trista KempaHiring@tristajaye · Ops + CX
@garryj92 Hey Garry -- I actually mean breaking point as in, customer willingness to pay $1 vs # of people on the overall newsletter. Me being a part of it is completely dependent on the # of people I'm 'competing' against for free flights.
Garry JamesMaker@garryj92 · Building a micro travel startup ✈️😎
@tristajaye Hi Trista, good feedback thanks. We are setting a cap at 4k-6k per flight giveaway. After that, we will add another flight to giveaway! Thanks 👍
Adam Greenwald@agreenwaldhq · Founder, Montclair Collective
Needs a "FAQ" section upfront--before people buy in. For example a) How "exactly" does this work? b) What are my chances of winning? c) Will the departure airport be the one closest to me?...Thoughts?
Garry JamesMaker@garryj92 · Building a micro travel startup ✈️😎
@agreenwaldhq Hi Adam, thanks for the suggestions! Updated now :)
Garry JamesMaker@garryj92 · Building a micro travel startup ✈️😎
Thanks for hunting us Chris! We would love to answer any questions you have on Bunting :)
Sam Buck@samhbuck · Founder @ In Lieu Of
Cool idea! Seems like you could get more subscribers by offering the first month (or maybe just week) for free. Then ask for credit card later after people see what it's all about and they realize how awesome it would be to score a freebie flight to Aruba! I mean...who doesn't want to go to Aruba?
Garry JamesMaker@garryj92 · Building a micro travel startup ✈️😎
@samhbuck thanks for the feedback Sam!
Jan Harold Diaz@janharolddiaz · Interaction Designer and Front-end Dev
Can people outside US use this?
Garry JamesMaker@garryj92 · Building a micro travel startup ✈️😎
@janharolddiaz Hi Jan, at the moment the flights leave from US airports, but we are looking to launch in different locations soon. Please share with any US friends 😎