100% wireless, hot-swappable smartphone battery ⚡️


Bunk is an external battery that magnetically sticks to your phone and gives you 80% more charge throughout the day.

Wireless - No cables, no fasteners, no worries.

Magnetic - Snaps to your phone effortlessly.

Auto On/Off - Starts charging when attached, automatically turns off when detached.

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Jack Kim
James Alexander
Afshin Pishevar
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  • Jack Kim
    Jack KimFounder @ Ember Labs

    Beautiful product design, solves a big problem



    My iPhone always runs out of battery but I refuse to buy any of those battery cases out there since they're so bulky and ugly. This looks to solve that, and the magnetic snapping feature looks super cool.

    Jack Kim has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Extra Battery Life, Hot-swappable


    Requires a separate case, Lacks universal support for Android and Iphone

    Why this requires a specific iphone case is beyond me. Their same tech could be made universal by just pulling the mag tech out of the case and making it an adhesive to back of phone/current case.

    James Alexander has used this product for one week.
  • Andrew Cretin
    Andrew CretinKrugo CTO | Good Spirit Kombucha Partner

    Very sleek design. Will hold in place


    Must use a phone case in order to use the product

    I would love if there was a way for Bunk to fasten directly to the phone, even if that meant fastening the magnetic piece directly onto your device.

    Andrew Cretin has never used this product.