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GIRLS-ONLY TRAVEL APP- Connecting solo travelers

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Hey Everyone! I started the Bungee Girl app because I wanted to create a safe social space to encourage and inspire women to fulfill their solo travel desires. The Bungee Girl app brings together girls who like to wander. A female-only app, Bungee Girl connects solo female travelers who have an equal interest in visiting each other’s city. Bungee Girl also allows users to find potential travel buddies from their own home city. Creating mutually beneficial connections between like-minded female travelers can encourage women to embrace their venturesome spirit. For women who are plagued by wanderlust and often settle for cliche trips closer to their home, Bungee Girl is a tool to help gain the confidence to fulfill their travel desires. With an equal benefit, women can use the app to help each other out and enhance their trip experience. These connections can help users find: accommodations, a hangout buddy, advice on where to go and what to do, safety tips and other insider pointers. Here's how the app works: 1. Create your profile and showcase your travels. 2. Take a quick quiz to discover your travel personality (there are 5 travel personality types) 3. Verify your identity via Facebook for security reasons. 4. Start connecting with other women in your city to travel with, or with women that are from your destination! This app is awesome because: 1. You get to meet like-minded, travel-loving girls from all over the world! 2. Because of the security systems in place (FB verification and selfie verification for messaging), you know you're not getting cat-fished by some creeper. 3. You can use Bungee Girl's messaging feature to get to know someone without giving away any personal information. 4. The Travel Personality makes it easy to identify who you want to message. For example, if you're not the backpacker type then you most likely won't approach anyone with that label. As the founder of Bungee Girl, which was inspired by own first solo trip in 2015 to London and South Africa, I have pretty powerful background story that got the attention of Hillary Clinton. Please check out the blog below: https://bungeegirlcom.wordpress.... Thanks! We've got new features coming down the pipeline soon, stay tuned and enjoy the experience.