Bulma Builder

First such advanced theme builder for Bulma CSS framework

Bulma Builder is the first such advanced theme editor for the Bulma CSS framework. Using our tool, you can launch the first version of a new template in just a few minutes.
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Hi, everybody! I am the co-author (or co-maker?) of Bulma Builder. Bulma Builder is based on a proven technology that we have developed for Bootstrap Shuffle (six months ago the #1 Product of the Day!). We have adjusted all components and settings to Bulma 0.7.5. If you don't know yet, Bulma is a CSS framework based on Flexbox, and it is used by more than 150,000 developers worldwide. Because both builders belong to us, all Bulma Builder users automatically get access to Bootstrap Shuffle for FREE (and vice versa). By creating an account in one of these applications, you gain access in both of them:) I must point out that you do not need to log in to try out our demo! PS. I'm looking for a creative designer who would like to start with me a similar project for Materialize! Just PM me if interested.
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@dawid_andrzejewski cool idea. Interested in helping you out with the next project.
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@konisupertramp I'm sending you a private message!
@dawid_andrzejewski This is very useful. So quick and easy to begin prototyping. I love that each part is broken out into pieces with examples.
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@alex_salmon I worked with @lukasz_kowalski1 for 5 years or more:) Till August 2018. I've posted info about launch on my Facebook & Linkedin, and I hope more my friends working in web-dev/design will see it too:)