Bullet Train

The Ruby on Rails SaaS-in-a-Box


Bullet Train saves you weeks of development by starting you off with all the features that are the same in every SaaS, so you can focus on what makes your app unique.

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It's funny when building products.

About 80% of your effort is building your billing engine, team management, permissions, UI elements, etc.

Rarely the core application.

As a result, it's easy to get burned out early and just not launch.

Thanks to BT I don't have that problem anymore.

Out of the box it has everything you need to run a successful SAAS app so I can focus on the main, core feature set of my products.

Additionally, after you buy BT you get access to an exclusive Slack group where you can just DM Andrew any question you have. Phenomenal.

Will be using it for all projects going forward.

Kudos, Andrew.


Andrew's wisdom, unique take on development and love of Rails equates to a starter kit that enabled me to code at a 10x faster rate.


You're constrained to the UI template that comes out of the box, but because it's using Bootstrap 4 it's very easy to work with.

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I've used Bullet Train before it was publicly available and even then, it was amazing. Andrew was super helpful and is moving fast enough to add a lot of value to Bullet Train.

It's the SaaS base you always needed. No need to think about all the fluffs like user accounts, teams and billing. it's all in there. And much more.

This is a no-brainer for any new app, and even to migrate to for many apps.


Will speed up your SaaS development, by a LOT. Andrew is super helpful.


None? It was early when I used it and was already solid and super helpful.


I only wish i would have found out about this earlier. Currently porting my SAAS to BT after building 1.0 by hand. BT just does so much stuff out of the box that will take you weeks/months to sort out otherwise - Stripe subscriptions, users, teams, password reset, great scaffolding, etc etc etc.

Cannot recommend this highly enough to anyone building a SaaS business.

I've said before and will say again: coding with BulletTrain is like painting.


It's a SAAS in a box. You can deploy an MVP SaaS in a day.



I build mobile internet products

For anyone looking to get a SaaS product off the ground and validated, this is what you need. At this point you also get a lot of close support from Andrew too, which is pretty great.


It's like a rocket up your arse for building a SaaS product.


It works best if you stick to the included template. But if you just treat that template like a really nice ActiveAdmin, then you're golden.


I'm using BT for an upcoming SAAS project and it's been a huge boost for the project. The same sense of "oh wow, I could do so much with this" that I got from using Rails to build that little blog demo they used to have on their homepage I got from using BT for the first time.

In general, it's a moving "up" in terms of abstraction. So instead of working with a single form field helper in rails, or even the form field with a little surrounding elements (like simple form). You start working with the entirety of the UX for an individual form field: label, error text, tooltip, placeholder, explainer text, etc and it's very easy to extend. For example, I built a 'markdown' instructions button that is inserted below the label on any form element it's designated on.

If you're:

- Already a competent Rails Developer

- Building a SAAS

It's pretty much a no brainer in terms of out of the box value.


Rails can be used to make all sorts of web projects. BulletTrain is laser focused on the tooling for a SAAS, making it much more productive.


It's still a small community using it and you need to be comfortable as a Rails developer to get going and it's for new projects.


Starting my project out using Bullet Train has not only saved time, but helped keep us focused on doing things in a "Rails Way" and keep the structure clean. Very happy with the decision to use it.


Solid template with great support and an active developer


Nothing yet :)