Share captioned video snippets of podcasts from any app

#1 Product of the DayJune 02, 2019
Podcasts are hard to share because they are hard to immediately consume. Bullet lets you share captioned video snippets of your favourite podcasts from any podcast app so that your friends can immediately consume it.
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  • Mark McCammon
    Mark McCammonVisual Content Creator |Marketing Intern

    -Simple intuitive steps -User Interface is clean -Accuracy is 100%, so far -IT IS FREE


    -Ugh... nothing

    Love this app and I highly recommend any podcast lover or host to use it.

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Android Please
Hey PH! Sharing podcasts is difficult because audio is hard for the recipient to immediately consume. We’ve built a simple way to share captioned video snippets of podcasts, so your friends can simply glaze over it to get to that “ah-ha moment”. Bullet works on top of almost any podcast app on iOS, so you don’t have to switch podcast apps - simply share the link to Bullet from your podcast app of choice. We hope you find this tool useful! F.A.Q Will there be support for more than 15 seconds? - We are about to launch support for up to 30s in the next day or two (Watch out for an update)
Absolutely loving the ability to share highlights from long podcasts with my friends!
Well isn't this just a good idea with great execution. 💯 🔥 👍 👏
@jucaslames Thank you so much Will! Means a lot!
Absolutely love that users can create content from any platform! Such a great product to help drive engagement on podcasts 🙌
@lachlankirkwood Thanks Lachlan. I hope you find the product as useful as we do!