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Resize large photos in bulk

#5 Product of the DayMay 31, 2015
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I made this after returning from a holiday in Hong Kong with some friends. The friend who had the best camera took about 5 GB worth of photos, so when it came time to share the photos, he had the most difficulty sending them to everyone else who went on the trip. I wanted to make Bulk Resize Photos the most convenient way of resizing photos, so there's no need to install anything, images used are not uploaded anywhere, and after you visit the site for the first time, it can work offline. The operation my friend had wanted to do should only take a few clicks, now. If anyone has any feedback or feature requests, please send them through! I'm very receptive to that.
This is just super easy. My friend took great photos of the Product Hunt Meetup here, I wanted to share them. Instead of going through each one and resizing them with Preview on the mac; I dragged them onto BulkResizePhotos. It resized them all for me and placed them in a folder in my downloads. There is now an express version of the app that as presets such as resizing for a Facebook profile image, and so on. Very handy, simple and saves tonnes of time.
Very efficient idea.
This is super fast! All the work is done in the browser, so the images don't have to be uploaded to the backend. Great work!
@omaridau Making it super-fast was one of the most important parts. Most web-based image resizers involve uploading images to a server, which is not ideal from privacy and speed perspectives. (as well as requiring a lot of server capacity!)
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@iamdeveloper It should be back in the next few minutes.
@jamessfoster @iamdeveloper Took a bit longer than anticipated, but it's back now.