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Software delivery as easy as ordering pizza


With Builder (by Engineer,ai), you don’t need to have any technical skills to create and build your next project, you just need an idea. Whereas most development companies charge for every line of code, Builders AI utilises existing components as well as design and business logic to produce your software, cheaper and instantly.

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I was told the original team I'd be working with is based out of the US. Once I had signed the contract and submitted a deposit, I was immediately transferred to a team based out of India. This new overseas team couldn't understand what I was looking to accomplish due to language barriers as well as not being able to download similar apps to the one I was looking to build out. I have been working with this overseas team for over 1 year and 3 months; during this process they have gone through 3 different US based points of contacts, all of who have quit. Every time I am left without a contact, I am left in the dark for weeks until someone from India contacts me with "good news", and ever time the "good news" is the function that wasn't working last week is now working but there is a small glitch that they will be working on. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this company.


The promise of an affordable, reliable, functional app.


I was told the app would take 48 weeks to build out. Today I am well over 48 weeks with nothing to show for it.

Likes to build Things #iot
@ray_ali @sachinduggal can someone comment on this? I think responding to negative reviews are as imp to get real perspectives. What (if any) did go wrong here?
@ray_ali @sachinduggal @rajsark hey Raj - you are absolutely right - we should respond - however responding would unfortunately mean we need to go into details that's probably going to cause us more problems. All I can say is that Ray is still on our platform - he continued to use it since the post and I see requests as early as March this year for changes or improvements. I'll let @ray_ali confirm his updated comments.

Just loved the platform. Try it.


On spot pricing, fast delivery, best team to work.


I don't see any

Sales Specialist

Builder is indeed a platform where I spent just 18 minutes to understand the kind of budget and timeline I am looking at for an idea that has been in my mind for almost 2 years and with traditional dev shops for over 6 weeks.

Started with my first project already and my experience till now has been worth wile.

Can recommend this with faith and confidence.


@Builder Team - Great work so far, good luck with the launch!


Almost all industry based templates, humongous list of features and pretty robust pricing mechanism.


Would have loved if there was a way to invite collaborators/contributors to the same build card.

The product UI is extremely user friendly, you can just add delete items like a shopping cart experience E- coms deliver us. Pros: Affordable pricing, Great after sales support, full ownership (Source code) Cons: Not much really, some may feel timeline is high but that is evey feature is built and customized for your requirement in hanf instead of replicating existing feature sets or designs. I would strongly recommend to go ahead with a Demo.