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Hey Hunters, I’m Marcus - Mobile Lead at Buffer. I’m excited to share that our Android App hit 1 Million downloads recently, so I'd like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of our users for making this happen! This also came with great timing, as we've just launched a brand new version of our Android app. 😃 We made a bunch of big enhancements to the app (both visually and behind the scenes) with the aim of making it easier to use and quicker to share engaging content to all your social networks. We’ve also made it a lot more stable. I’d love to answer any questions and learn from your feedback. Thanks for taking a look!
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@mwermuth Great work team! I've got an iPhone and Android, and both feature the Buffer app. Exciting to see as they make an entrepreneur's life, much easier.
@rossblankenship Thanks Ross :) Let us know how you like our apps!
This looks great, guys. Well done! Nothing better than sorting your content out on the go. When can we expect the iOS version?
@tovahreva Thanks! Yes sorting out your content on the go and even faster than before was our goal ;) Most of those features are already in the iOS version, that's why it was such a big step up for our Android App to finally be almost on par with iOS! There will only be some slight Design and UI differences. Let us know what you think :)
Looks solid. Been using it for a while and I love the design
@ivansf Thanks for using Buffer and our Android App :)