Bubble 2.0

Build and host web applications without having to write code


You don't need to be a coder to build software. Bubble is a visual programming tool that makes programming as easy as pointing and clicking. Instead of teaching code, we reinvent how we build software via a visual interface.

Users have used Bubble to get into YC or raise multi-million dollar rounds. Today, Bubble counts more than 175,000 users

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Co-founder, AirDev

In 2013, I started using Bubble to build an online marketplace for my startup. I had no coding experience and no budget, and was able to build an app with user signups, crowdfunding functionality, and payment processing. Bubble was rough around the edges, but it had the signatures of a disruptive technology. Over the past 5 years, the platform has evolved in dramatic fashion, adding hundreds of features, a marketplace for plugins, support for responsive design, the ability to connect to virtually any API, and immense performance & scalability improvements. In 2015 I co-founded AirDev, the first Bubble development agency, to help organizations build great applications using this powerful technology. We have built hundreds of products for startups & enterprises without having coders on our team. Many of our clients imagine they will use Bubble for a simple prototype, and then get hooked on the speed and flexibility with which we can develop. The Bubble team is committed to the long-run, aiming to replace traditional code as the medium for helping anyone create & express on the web. I'm excited to see where this wild ride takes us!


Full flexibility (design, database, workflows), Scalable software (not just for prototypes), Connect to anything (APIs & plugins)


Easy to learn but hard to master, No coding needed but complex apps still require significant logic & design

Founder, Zeroqode - No Code Startups 🚀

I have first encountered Bubble almost 3 years ago when they just launched on Product Hunt. And Bubble has literally changed my life. Not only mine but of hundreds of thousands of people that all of a sudden got empowered to build products that they would never build otherwise. Bubble reduces the time and costs of creating web and mobile apps dramatically, revolutionizing the whole space of web development. It also enables totally non technical people to build beautiful and powerful apps without requiring developers. Yes, I can be called biased since together with my co-founder Vlad Larin we have founded a business building products on Bubble (https://zeroqode.com), but if this business strives and provides jobs to 25+ team members then it only proves the fact that Bubble is indeed a great platform.


- fast and easy way to create web & mobile applications

- even non-technical people can build powerful and beautiful apps


requires some efforts to learn but it's still waaaay faster and easier than learning to code

Founder&GM of Zeroqode

Next generation programming language. Period.

We at @Zeroqode believe that absolutely everyone should learn how to Bubble.


Simple, intuitive and super powerful visual development framework


None if you use it in the right way

Founder @ TopShelfTemplates.com

I have been developing on Bubble for 2.5 years, I have built (and still operate) a profitable and growing SaaS company using Bubble programming. I have also created many amazing web applications for companies and individuals - everyone is amazed at how quickly and how well the apps work for the speed of development. Definitely recommend people learn Bubble and open their world to building web apps quickly!


Speed of development

Can make most types of web apps

Strong demand for affordable apps, so lots of freelancing requests


Slight learning curve - but still quick compared to it's capabilities

PM--Dave's Office Installations

I was involved with a business for a one year period that developed their entire platform on Bubble the results we less than acceptable on the final end product.

I would absolutely go old school hard code if i were to take this on again




You get what you pay for

Founder @ FlexSpace.io

Hands down, the best "Low-No-Code" Apps available today.

You can build almost anything you can imagine with it... and do so with remarkable speed.


Very easy to use... Yes almost no limitations to what you can build.


None yet...


I discovered Bubble about a year ago, and it changed my life!

My 2nd biggest fear after death is this: <%bnkjdfv-fkjhf>?... its called code, it scares the hell out of me....

For 10 years i searched for a tool that can help me implement my ideas buzzing in my head without the requirement of writing a single line of code.

And then i stumbled on Bubble!

Bubble is the 1st to make the distinction between Coding and Programming, there is a nicer way to say "Do this When that" without this <%bnkjdfv-fkjhf>?...

I'm currently building an Online Platform based on a idea i had for years, and finally i see it happening.

Yes, it does have a learning curve, so does tying your shows... i learned the platform as i went along building my app, after a few weeks i got the core concepts behind it.

Yes, they could improve on Performance and Reliability, and they actually made quite some progress recently in this area.

Bubble is my Natural Habitat!


Revolutionary for Non-Coders


Still needs improvement on speed and reliability

Founder, Bubble
Thank you! We're working hard on speed these days, things have gotten better but it's a long term battle :)
Growth Hacker, Studyportals

I've been using Bubble for professional and personal projects, from simple landing pages to complex end-to-end systems with front and back-end. Once you spend some time getting used to the tool, you feel empowered to build any complex system by yourself. Prototyping and creating MVPs is a child game with this cool tool!


Powerfull end-to-end tool to develop any kind of online platform without coding


It takes some good time to get a deep knowledge of all the features

Product Manager

I used this tool for one project so far, and everything what I wanted to implement worked almost immediately. With a dedicated plan it seems a bit expensive, but you save a lot of developer costs which makes it kind of cheap, compared to traditional web development.


+ easy & fast tool to build any website

+ great forum & support

+ pretty advanced tool

+ no need for code even connecting apis, etc


- Performance is limited

- You don't have 100% control over the code

Product Growth Lead @ Bolt Bikes

Bubble is amazing. For someone who's quite technically minded, but not completely proficient in coding, this is perfect. The logic all makes sense, the plugins and ability to add other REST APIs is so ridiculously easy.

It just gets let down with not being able to build native applications in it. It's very easy though to create an API off your application and use something like Dropsource to plug into that and build your native application that way. However, Dropsource is nowhere near as good as Bubble so it gets let down there in that mobile experience.


Super easy to use once you've learned.

Incredibly powerful, not much you can't do on it

So easy to add APIs

Powerful design tools


You can't build native mobile apps on it

Can be slow sometimes if you aren't really careful with workflows

Ideas to Business

I have been developing web and mobile applications using bubble for over a year. I worked with my team and clients to implement their ideas and test it with competitive time and cost .


Easy and fast to implement your ideas. and test it with low cost.


Few advanced API limitations.

Limited storage services (AWS & BOX)

Founder/CEO of Sharoont

I find Bubble.is a great service to create my web applications, yes there can be downs and ups, but Bubble is actually a great service. You can create anything from a small dynamic website to a larger scale project. There's quite a few things that Bubble can do if you use your imagination.

My experience with Bubble has been nothing but great, there's a great community that you can ask questions and state your concerns and they (along with staff)) help you.


An amazing way to create applications faster than normal! Without the stress of coding.


I honestly don't know a con to put here.

Do what you love!

All in all an amazing tool. If you put the time in you can build something truly amazing.


No coding required to build apps.

Simple and advanced features

Fully featured app builder using drag & drop


Too many features can get overwhelming and users can get lost quickly