Simplified Twitter Audience Management

SaaS with a simplified collection of features, wrapped in a slick dashboard that secures Twitter Audience Growth Management. Cleanest & Safest Twitter Tool. Manage & Grow Twitter audience at ease, in Total Peace of Mind. ⚙
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Hey guys, Super pumped to present BTweeps to the Product Hunt community. 😀 A Refined & CLEANER way to a healthier Twitter Account/Brand. 🎉 It's been a while. From Side Hustle to an Intelligent & Efficient Twitter Tool. Founded on 3 June 2016 🌟 Original BETA Release: 21 Jan 2019 🔥 Makers: Mohd Imran & Rahul Garg Just started Grinding, Exploring & Seeking the most appropriate mediums & approaches to let it out in the natural flow. Our Ideal Audience is a GIANT base of Twitter Power Users. ✊ TARGETING & Managing is where we jump into Twitter Power Play via Smart-Automation. That’s step #1. We urge the audience to never stop just there... & to lean on to their audience, Engage.... & Connect H2H. BTweeps acts of a Good-Medium in between. ✨ WE DONT SUCK ON Twitter API & RESOURCES like other tools out there. 💀 THE PURPOSE is to keep it all cleaner & healthier with compliance-ready automation ops, without getting dirty over API-voilations, Banning or Suspension of Accounts. We take care of everything internally, without effecting the Twitter account health. 🚨 Your feedback is valuable for us. 🙏 EXPLORE BTweeps ⚙ ⏩ Media Kit: ⏩ Twitter Compliance: ⏩ BTweeps Protocol: ⏩ LEGAL: ⏩ Help Center: ⏩ Business Queries & Collaborations: ⏩ Tweet us: BTweeps_ ⏩ IG & FB: BTweeps Ask me anything! Powered by BIZBoost Inc. 🔥🚀
Brilliant product, a a business owner i would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking forward to amp up their twitter game.
I tried it and clicked Start on the tour popup but received an error. "Misdirected Request The client needs a new connection for this request as the requested host name does not match the Server Name Indication (SNI) in use for this connection." at
@douglas_karr Hello Douglas :) So glad to earn this super humble feedback from you. Thank you very much. We've acknowledged this silly temporary Apache issue. It comes rarely, & goes within few minutes. We're working on resolving this once for all. Please try that URL again to resume Exploring BTweeps & Get Started. In case you bump into anymore trouble, we're happy to serve :) Please feel free to email us at btweeps(at)bizboost(dot)me Stay Safe!
@thesoulfulemu oops... now I'm getting the same error on - "Misdirected Request The client needs a new connection for this request as the requested host name does not match the Server Name Indication (SNI) in use for this connection."
@douglas_karr Dear Douglas :) Nice to hear back again. Please clear your cache. If that doesn't work then please use a different browser. Right after this hearing from you, we DOUBLE CHECKED the nodes & connections. REAL-TIME BTweeps STATUS : ALL PAGES ACTIVE & Operational. Just tested on 4 April 2020 1210am IST // Please stay assured that this temp error will soon be a thing of past.
@thesoulfulemu that makes sense... most likely a DNS cache on my end. I'll clear it and give it a whirl, thank you!
Glad we connected. @BTweeps is a game-changer. Looking forward to growing my @bbrandagency business with the help of this innovative technology & tool. Love Twitter!
@btweeps @bbrandagency @ameliabts Thank you so much for sharing that :)
Thanks to BTweeps I gained an enormous increase of tribe members! Since I got my deal, everything literally went up. Couldn't thank them enough!