Browser Popcorn

Popcorn Time in your browser. Stream movies for free.


Holy crap. It works on an iPhone too.
@milankragujevic This is an amazing product, but why aren't you worried about being sued?
Ben Tossell
@bentossellΒ Β· Community Lead, Product Hunt
I'm always fed up of struggling to find a good site to watch movies - am a creature of habit! I'll give this a spin this weekend to check it out! btw Dope movie was awesome - watched it last weekend πŸŽ₯
@sambreedΒ Β· CTO, Quick Left
Chromecast support would be swell. Also, source code available for this?
Eric Anderson
@theericandersonΒ Β· Software Engineer (Growth) at Keen IO
This is awesome, but you for sure should have named it "Browser Corn" because that would have been hilarious.