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#3 Product of the WeekOctober 16, 2015
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Holy crap. It works on an iPhone too.
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@milankragujevic This is an amazing product, but why aren't you worried about being sued?
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@andrewwarner I have the same question 😀
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@rrhoover @andrewwarner I live in a country where copyright law is almost nonexistant, and simply I don't care. I will keep moving the website, changing domains and providers... I don't need to earn a single penny from it, I just want to do it because I believe that piracy will eventually cause the streaming bubble to pop, and the movie studios will realize that: a) Geo-blocking is pointless - It just makes it more expensive to legally watch content (see VPNs+Netflix) b) Charging for a movie the same amount of money in the U.S. with the minimum wage of $7 and Serbia, with a minimum wage of less than $1. It's insane and causes people to pirate c) Legitimate streaming websites must not have any DRM and not include any proprietary codecs, as that causes the browser to be vulnerable due to the sloppy programming. d) Legitimate streaming websites must be available all over the world in all languages, with movies that people want to watch in that region. I Don't care about how that's "impossible". If they don't realize that, they're going to be "battling" piracy forever, and piracy always wins. You cut off one head, 5 more grow out.
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@milankragujevic @andrewwarner keep bending yourself in knots over the justification. The reality is that no one that this effects monetarily "works" for the MPAA. They are a lobbying organization. The worldwide rights picture as applied to movies (and music) is much, much, much more complicated than strictly "greed". But of course simplistic justifications for piracy (and reactionary measures to combat it) are old enough to drive by now, so fuck it.
@milankragujevic @andrewwarner The website seems to be down already, have you got another site up? Or perhaps a twitter handle I can follow to follow the domains?
@ethank funny to see you here :) long time no see ++
I'm always fed up of struggling to find a good site to watch movies - am a creature of habit! I'll give this a spin this weekend to check it out! btw Dope movie was awesome - watched it last weekend 🎥
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@bentossell does it work on PS4?
@danielkempe @bentossell Creator here. It does work, however it doesn't support keyboard navigation, so you have to move the pointer. I'm not sure how the PS4 works, but I'm assuming there is a pointer in the browser.
@milankragujevic @bentossell Cool - I tried it out but nothing seems to load on my PS4 for some reason... Not sure if its to do with format...
@danielkempe @bentossell Does the video not load or do the movies not load?
@milankragujevic @bentossell when i click watch video on ps4, it loads the video player but then errors out.. Can only think it's either the format or the player that ps4 has an issue with.. I will try my TV browser!!
Chromecast support would be swell. Also, source code available for this?
This is awesome, but you for sure should have named it "Browser Corn" because that would have been hilarious.