The chatbot alternative for Wordpress

BrokeBot provides the experience of a chatbot without all of the bells and whistles - a simple chatbot-like experience focused on a specific CTA.
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I was expecting to see a demo on your website
@marhogere Thanks for the comment! It's listed as a fast follow for us so within the next few days it will be up.
@marhogere Check out a brief one here:
A couple friends of mine and I came up with the idea for this product after the frustration and hype afforded by chatbots. We set out to make something super simple. It's built on Wordpress for now but we will eventually make it more universally available.
Can't download the plugin on my macbook pro despite trying multiple times...
After trying a dozen times, I tried using Safari and it worked. Frustrating start...
@ivanisawesome thanks for sharing the feedback. I agree frustrating! Would you mind sending us a ticket to with the browsers and versions if possible it wasn't working on? We'll get it fixed pronto.