Meet Brightland's PARASOL and RAPTURE: two fruit-forward, double-fermented and family-farm to table Vinegars, each with their own distinct flavor palate and tasting notes, lovingly made in California.
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I'm so excited (and honored) to be hunting Brightland's new vinegar, PARASOL, and RAPTURE. If you haven't yet tried Brightland's olive oil, you're truly missing out, too. I'll let @aishwarya228 answer some questions below, but if you have any questions about how the product is made, where it's sourced from, the flavor profiles, what it might pair well with, drop them below. From first meeting Aishwarya and hearing her vision about Brightland to seeing where it has come to, today, I couldn't be more excited for her and the company 😊 . As a special bonus to the amazing Product Hunt community, use the code Summer2020Vinegars for free shipping on 2 or more vinegars.
This is my favorite olive oil and I'm excited for their launch of these vinegars!
Already snagged my vinegars. Very excited to try these! Brightland has the BEST olive oil (the only one used in my house) so I’m sure the vinegars will be delicious as well. 💯
This is really brilliant!
sad that both vinegars contain cane sugar :(
@_jacksmith Totally understand; We add organic cane sugar to our Brightland vinegars to round off the sharpness of the vinegar taste. We actually tested many different types of sweeteners and discovered that organic cane sugar provides the best flavor profile to bring the fruit flavor forward.
@aishwarya228 does champagne vinegar always have added sugar?