Customer acquisition tools for indie makers

Brickbox is simple... a set of apps, that makes it easy and obvious to acquire customers. We are handcrafting an experience which is developed with a sole focus on INDIE SaaS makers.

Hey, this is Viraj, founder of As an INDIE Saas maker, I have found myself hacking around Intercom, Drift, Mailchimp, Content generation, User On-Boarding, following up with leads and many other tools for my SaaS apps. These tools are very generic and enterprisey. You spend a lot of $$$ and get a ton of features which are not at all focused on you, INDIE SaaS makers. We have to hack our way through them to achieve a near-perfect experience. With, I am trying to create an experience which will make it easy and obvious to acquire customers. There will be no features which are not focussed on INDIE makers. We are handcrafting an experience which is solely focused on INDIE SaaS makers. We are currently in pre-launch stage and still in development mode. Do visit our website and sign up for the launch waitlist. I'm very eager to know your reactions and schedule calls with you all to understand any problems you have which we can solve with Brickbox.
@virajkhatavkar This sounds awesome! I was wondering if you plan on implementing an affiliate program to help onboard users?
Sounds good, but I clicked on "Pricing" and got none.
@mickc79 Oh I am sorry. The pricing is yet to be decided - there seems to be some problem with the navigation. It should take you to the "sign up for waitlist" section. But I can assure you that it will change according to the number of users your SaaS app has. Eg. $29 per month for all tools and 500 customers of your app. Then it will increase accordingly like $49 per month for 1500 customers of your app and so on..