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Sacha Greif — Designer, Sidebar
Lately we've seen the rise of the “Product Hunt for X” sites. But one thing I realized is that while it's easy to launch sites like this (especially if you use Telescope ;), actually *growing their community* is another matter altogether.

This is why I wrote this short guide by asking some of the most successful community builders I know to share their experience. Hopefully it'll be useful to anybody who's embarking on that journey!
Ryan Gum — CEO, Attach
@sachagreif Awesome work Sacha.

Been using Telescope to run for the last few months and have to say it's a no-brainer for running a community. It's 100% ready to go out of the box, so you can focus on the community building.
Irving Torres — Freelance Designer
@sachagreif I completely agree that growing and maintaining a healthy community is the toughest aspect. I think this is fueled by the the "if you build it, they will come" mentality that plagues many founders (myself included).

Love the layout of your site and that PDF is also gorgeous (what did you use to make it if you don't mind me asking?). The line up of experts you have is great. @levelsio is def one of my favorites because of Nomad List. Keep it up! **Fist pump**
Sacha Greif — Designer, Sidebar
@irvingtorresyc thanks! I actually just styled the print version using a print stylesheet, and then used Print > Save as PDF to generate the PDF :)

It's not perfect but it works well enough!

(And yeah, I'm a @levelsio fan too. With this I've now launched one project this year, only 11 more to go to catch up!)
Irving Torres — Freelance Designer
@sachagreif It works great. Thanks!

I've actually been following your work for some time. I remember the projects you've done with @nathanbarry for example so you definitely have a few notches in your belt. Seriously, great to see you launching something again.
Alexander Kesselaar — Sydney - Photographer / Videographer
@sachagreif just had a quick read. Really well put together. Thank you for this awesome resource.
Daniel Kempe — Co-Founder @
@sachagreif Reading as we speak, so far some really useful information to take on board. We've recently launched using Telescope so this is perfect timing!
Arin Toker — Hacker | Maker | Breaker | Fixer
@sachagreif this is a gold mine. Thank you for this, oh and for Telescope :)
Jason Glaspey — Founder - Factory
@sachagreif I was wondering if you would be willing to share the stylesheet that you used? I really like what you did, and would love to use it as a starting place.
Peter Chaly — CEO
@sachagreif The pdf version seems to have disappeared from the site. The link to CloudApp goes nowhere. Is the pdf still available somewhere? Thanks
Marc Snyder — CEO, emm-ess consultants
@sachagreif The link to download the PDF ( seems to be broken :-(
Sacha Greif — Designer, Sidebar
@marcsnyder should be fixed now :)
Marc Snyder — CEO, emm-ess consultants
@sachagreif Done. Thanks.
Emmanuel Quartey — Product, MEST Incubator
"But one thing I realized is that while it's easy to launch sites like this (especially if you use Telescope ;), actually *growing their community* is another matter altogether. "

Spot on @sachagreif. Are you familiar with the work of Richard Millington (, founder of FeverBee (

Anyone who is curious about the art and science of growing thriving online communities should definitely check out the FeverBee website after reading Brick By Brick. It's a goldmine of actionable advice, detailed case studies, and a methodology that is big on quantifying success.

///I have no affiliation with Richard or Feverbee - just a longtime fan.///
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