The first corporate card for startups

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Brex is a corporate card powered by modern software. Startups can get instant approval on corporate cards that offer high limits and don’t require any kind of personal guarantee.

  • Bernardo Pádua
    Bernardo PáduaCEO at Quero Education

    High limits and zero hasles


    Could give more rewards

    Great product focused on killing the big old inefficient banks.

    Bernardo Pádua has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Easy integration with accounting software. The rewards keep on getting better!



    Team is great to work with when there are issues.

    Jenny Zeckendorf has used this product for one year.
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Henrique Dubugras
Henrique DubugrasMaker@hdubugras · CEO at Brex
Hey PH – Henrique from Brex introducing the first corporate card for startups. My cofounder Pedro and I rebuilt the tech stack from scratch to offer a better corporate card to all of the founders / startups that have to personally guarantee a card. We designed an awesome self-signup flow which makes accessing our product really easy. With the Brex card you get: - High limits and no personal guaranteed cards - Data and expense management tools to manage the spending of a scaling enterprise - Receipt tracking - reply to Brex’s automated texts with a photo of the receipt and it’s automatically uploaded and associated with the relevant transaction - A special deal – sign up before June 30 and get the $5/user/month fee for your users waived in perpetuity
David Hsu
David Hsu@dvdhsu
@hdubugras What are foreign transaction fees like?
Henrique Dubugras
Henrique DubugrasMaker@hdubugras · CEO at Brex
@dvdhsu There are no foreign transaction fees!
David Hsu
David Hsu@dvdhsu
@hdubugras Amazing! Brex looks really cool!
Shreyaa Ratra
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via
@hdubugras, This looks great. A random thought if you have started with B2B sales : Try reaching out to companies who have recently raised funds. These companies will be more interested in this kind of product and would be willing to spend on it to maintain their expenses and all. You can also reach out to companies hiring for finance manager/controller and falls in the employee strength less than 50.
Henrique Dubugras
Henrique DubugrasMaker@hdubugras · CEO at Brex
@shreyaa_ratra Thanks for the tips!
Simply Davia
Simply Davia@daviagthahbic · CEO specialist in Motovational Living
Very interested in finding out more!
Felipe Leite Antunes
Felipe Leite Antunes@felipeantunes · Head of Data Science @ Lendico
Congrats! Very smart move. I'm curious about how you deal with credit risk.
Henrique Dubugras
Henrique DubugrasMaker@hdubugras · CEO at Brex
@felipeantunes Great question. When customers join, they link their bank account, which gives us the necessary data to mitigate risk. Brex considers factors relevant to the business: investors, cash balance, and spending patterns, and sets the limit accordingly.
alan jones
alan jones@bigyahu · Mentor, BlueChilli & Startmate
Please bring this to Australia! We’ll make you very welcome and our startup community is very fintech friendly.
Josh Sanabria
Josh Sanabria@jpsanabria · CEO at GoArchitect
Funny how I was just reading about you guys yesterday and now you're here!