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The keg is becoming the new water cooler. In today's culture, alcohol in the office helps lure talent, connects employees across departments and keeps people from leaving the office as the lines between work and social lives blur. Whether you are looking for beer for your happy hour or a stocked fridge, BREWPUBLIK is your all-in-one solution.

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Charlie Mulligan
Charlie MulliganMaker@cincharge · CEO, BREWPUBLIK
Welcome Hunters! We're lucky to have one of the best jobs out there - getting you great craft beer! We've tried thousands of beers (tough work!) and put them into our Beergorithm - you tell it what YOU like to drink, and it finds you amazing beer you've never heard of but that you'll like. We use these matches for your office happy hour (imagine a happy hour where everyone in the office is happy, even the cider-only crowd!) or deliver it right to your house. Want to know more about our process, or the brewers we work with? More about the craft beer industry in general? Hit me up here! PSSST... want beer STAT? Here's how to schedule a delivery of a cold one, on us: Thanks Tristan for hunting us! <3 Cheers!
Bryson G
Bryson G@brv5on
@cincharge look at this guy! What a boss.
Tristan Pollock
Tristan PollockHunterHiring@writerpollock · Venture Partner at 500 Startups
Water, Malt, Yeast, Hops, and - now - just a dash of AI. Buy craft beer like it’s 2016. BREWPUBLIK’s recommendation engine, the Beergorithm, knows what you’d like to order before you order it (math!). The Beergorithm breaks down over 3,500 beers into their component tastes, so you simply tell it what you like to drink, and you’re matched to small-batch beers from all over the world. The best part - you get to drink your perfect match. BREWPUBLIK makes it easy to meet your new beer friends. Enjoy the delivery service at home, or upgrade your office selection with beer everyone will love. Much love to the BrewPublik team <3 xoxo
Samantha August ★★
Samantha August ★★Maker@augustevrymonth · President, LAUNCH
@writerpollock thank you for the hunt! Our goals and aspirations are big for this industry. In the meantime, we'd love to hear any feedback or questions on what we do! For the Product Hunt community, we're offering $10 first month deliveries so that you can try us out and let us know what you think. We want to be THE way to get craft beer, and appreciate your help getting us one step closer! So, what are your favorite beers!? Just tell our Beergorithm and watch it do its magic.
Richard Littauer
Richard Littauer@richlitt · Dev, self
<3 BrewPublik. :D
Troy Sultan
Troy Sultan@destroysultan · Google
This. is. awesome. If i'm a first time user, what inputs do you ask for to understand my taste?
Samantha August ★★
Samantha August ★★Maker@augustevrymonth · President, LAUNCH
@destroysultan thank you! Initially we ask for your go-to beers so that we can can use them to process through our Beergorithm. On top of that, if you'd like to provide more detail, we ask what you want the Beergorithm to avoid, and then also if you have any special requests. It's super simple to get started!
Wade@wade · Cofounder, Resource
This looks dope – I noticed you deliver beer to a companies like LinkedIn, Intercom, Google, etc. Do you notice any company specific preferences that I should be aware of, if I ever am on a job hunt. 😼
Samantha August ★★
Samantha August ★★Maker@augustevrymonth · President, LAUNCH
@wade we've learned that developers tend to go for Imperials... anything that gets them to the ballmer peak as quickly as possible