Pre-installed workouts & option to create your own, for free

Breathing is the easiest form of meditation and we strongly believe that it doesn't need a fancy meditation app to meditate. Use breathe2 to take a dive into meditation and see how it feels - no monthly subscription or whatsoever required (stay Calm).
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Really loved the minimal UI.. How amazing it would be if this was implemented to some workout app with such UI for breathing instructions or have it integrated to this app. Great work!!
@rishijash thank you so much for your feedback! I like your idea to have this implemented into a workout app - but let me tell you a secret: when I go for a run, the basic breathing technique is all there in my mind. The only difference, the breathing does not happen per second, but per step/stride! In even terrain I do 5 steps inhale, 5 steps exhale. When I am trained better, this goes to 6/6. And when I want to go faster or there is a steeper hill, I can 'gear down' to 4/4, 3/3 or in extreme situations 2/2. The later ones won't go that far due to the anaerobic character. However, this system worked for me quite well, achieving 3:43 h for a marathon despite being not a typical long distance runner (above 85 kg). Try for yourself, your running workouts will start to turn into meditation;)
Would love to test this as an Android or Web-App. ;-)
@jean_luc_winkler haha, I would love to see that, too. Thanks for the remark. Actually I had someone already asking for web app, but currently this interest is on hold. But you never know whats going to happen, keep your fingers crossed 🤞
I had been using Apple's breathe app for some time, but was never really happy with it. Other breathing apps are either crap or you need to pay some sort of fee (and some are still crap). So I gathered some people around the idea to make a free alternative that can serve all purposes of a breathing app and put a great UX to it. We put it on kickstarter, failed, but committed to the idea and 6 months later - breathe2 is live on the App Store.