Breakup Recovery Kit

Show the world that things just aren’t ok. They’re great.

Just tell us how recent your breakup was and how jealous you want to make your ex, and we’ll generate your very own Breakup Recovery Kit — a month’s worth of content for you to post on your social accounts that will show your ex just how much you’ve moved on since you parted ways.

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Because who cares about actually getting back on your feet so long as you can convince the people watching your feed, right?
Hi, I’m Kelly! I’m the Director of Consumer Marketing at CMT, and I’m one of the makers behind Breakup Recovery Kit. Just like in real life, CMT’s hit TV show 'Nashville' is full of heartbreak. So we created the Breakup Recovery Kit to help folks get back on their feet while showing the world that they’re honestly doing pretty great. Let me know what you think!
@kellyreeves I wish this existed the last time a friend went through a bad break up, reminds me of the Frank Sinatra quote, the best revenge is massive success. Although it may not be a lasting solution to heartbreak -- sometimes perception is reality and just making an ex feel like you're doing great without them is enough to make you feel better about things... could you tell us more about how you generate the content? Is it based on real images?
@abadesi Yes, so true! We captured and sourced real images that are inspired by tropes and trends we see on social platforms... Being out and about, traveling, working out, food snaps, etc. Offering the content in a variety of formats -- artfully shot stills, multiple images for galleries, short videos, blurry vertical captures for IG Stories/Snapchat -- hopefully gives it an authentic feel.
@kellyreeves "while showing the world that they’re honestly doing pretty great." Is this a joke or are you actually serious?
@yannschaub Hey Yann, while we based the concept off of behavior we've noticed on social, an uptick of posting after one's breakup, it's meant to be a bit tounge-in-cheek, too. :)
Great job!! 😊