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Studies show that visual communication is 60,000 times more powerful than text. We built Breakout Room for the web to make it simple for your team, and your customers, to create and share screen recordings. Create screen recordings through your browser (no downloads), and they’re instantly sharable via Breakout Room. You can even embed them for viewing in your knowledge base, website or anywhere else. What’s magical is that you can even use Breakout Room in your own support forms to enable your customers (or anyone) to quickly submit screen recordings. We have out-of-the-box integrations with tools like Zendesk. Or, you can use our API to enable users to create screen recordings in your help desk, web app or anywhere else. We’re thrilled to share this new product with you and would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks everyone! ** As a small way to say thanks to the PH community, you’ll get 50% off your first 3-months. Just start a chat with us, and we’ll set you up!
how does it work? can you elaborate on the technology and integration?
@danialtz Sure! Breakout Room uses the communication technology built into browsers such as Firefox and Chrome to enable you to record your screen without downloading any software. Just log into Breakout Room and record your screen and audio. Your videos are instantly available on our servers for viewing and sharing. Users love this because it’s a super-quick way to record training videos and tutorials. Because you don’t have to download any software, teams also use Breakout Room to enable their customers to send screen recordings of their issues. Just add our javascript to any web page, and a “record screen” widget will be embedded. Recordings are automatically uploaded to your account, and they can even be attached to forms, support case submissions, etc.
I've been using Breakout Room for a few months now as a Customer Success Manager of a Software company (Optimal Workshop) and I'm using the simple screen recording feature on a daily basis. I can record a simple 3 min Hot-to for a customer, send if their way in a Support chat and then BOOM, they click the link and have an answer to their problem rather than me typing one out. Works much better than a text explanation and my customers become much more successful at using our tools, therefore being happier overall.
@pa_dmcshane Thanks Paddy! Love working with you :-)