Breakout Room 2.0

Replay user behavior and crashes for mobile apps

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I've been following the team over at Breakout Room for a while now, and they just launched their newest product: screen recording for iOS. A great product to help with beta programs and understanding user behavior on mobile. Crash replays feature is invaluable for supporting and troubleshooting when someone says "something weird" happened.
Thanks for the hunt, Chris! Hey everyone, I'm one of the founders of Breakout Room. We’re thrilled to share the newest version of Breakout Room for mobile. We’ve worked with many mobile teams that are all struggling to fill in the gaps in their analytics and logging tools and understand exactly what is causing problems for users. Breakout Room lets your team replay any mobile user session. Breakout Room records every screen, tap and gesture, letting you watch exactly how users are interacting with your app and see where they’re having problems. We even integrate with Crashlytics to let you replay app crashes so that you can see the exact steps a user took to cause a crash. We’re very excited to share Breakout Room and would love to hear your thoughts! ** As a special thank you, new users will get 50% off your first 3-months. Just start a chat with us, and we’ll set you up.
Awesome, been looking for something like this.
@one_keith Thanks so much, Keith. Reach out if we can help.
Hello there, great feature ! Is there an opt-in / opt-out option for the user ? (regarding privacy question)
@ludobos Thanks Ludovic! Yes, you can control this at the app level. We also allow you to hide specific UI views and elements from being recorded.
Looks great. I'd love to learn why you guys got started on this. Is there a way to use this for beta/testing programs?
@bryncdn Thanks! We actually launched a similar product for desktop recording earlier this year. The #1 request we received was support for mobile recordings to be able to visualize the problems users were encountering. Our team built something really innovative that opened a lot of possibilities. Yes! Beta and QA programs are one of the most popular uses for Breakout Room. Users love being able to see where users are having problems (as opposed to relying on short feedback via email) and being able to replay and bugs/crashes. We're also launching audio recording this week that will bring a new level of feedback.
That sounds awesome @adams472. I'm excited to see how audio recordings will work!