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Webinars don't have to be frustrating

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This looks like a brilliant solution to webinars rather than the slightly awkward Google Hangouts + Chat Roll. No downloads, no logins, screen sharing and instant chat.
@charlieirish Thanks for sharing Breakout Room!
Looks very clean and focused, great job! Didn't find a hint about pricing though :)
@uibreakfast it's free during beta. Perhaps @cglace and @adams472 can enlighten us?
@uibreakfast Thank you! In regards to pricing, Breakout Room is free while we're in beta. We're still sorting through pricing, but most likely will eventually charge for Pro features such as CRM integration.
Awesome product idea, however when I just tried it out now the screenshare bugged out on me!?
@mil5om Sorry about that! We will investigate.
Testing it out now -- I assume this is using webrtc? About 1 year ago I was going to build something for webinars after spending 2 days playing with all the current solutions and none could do what I needed (simple screen share with no video of me, let users just listen to me speak and engage/ask questions in chatroom). All the solutions out there are clunky, require downloads, plugins, etc. After playing with this, it looks very good. One feature request -- can I disable my web cam while screen sharing? Ideally when I do webinars I just want the viewers to see my screen, they don't need to see me.
@massarogi Thanks for testing out Breakout Room :-) Yes, we are using WebRTC but also doing some things let it scale to hundreds or thousands of attendees. Thanks for the feature request - that makes sense, and it's on the roadmap. We have found that keeping the webcam on increases attendee engagement and makes it easier for them watch the entire broadcast. (As opposed to just staring at a Powerpoint slide.)
Hey everyone! I'm one of the founders of Breakout Room. We just launched one-click live broadcasting as the easiest way for businesses to host webinars, product demos, conference livestreams, AMAs or anything else! There are no downloads, and Breakout Room works instantly in your browser. Soon, Breakout Room will also automatically record your broadcasts so that anyone that missed it can view it on Breakout Room. We'll also be adding other things like registration, integration with CRM and multi-presenter support. We'd love your feedback and thoughts on how the best ways to use Breakout Room. Thanks!
We also are hosting two live broadcasts today from Codeship (learn about continuous deployment) and Juice Analytics (learn about data apps). Learn more and join them on our website!