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Ruben Harris
Ruben HarrisMaker@rubenharris
Coding Bootcamps are not cheap. What if someone told you that it was free... would you do it? Would you quit your job, move across the country and spend 80-100 hours a week learning how to code for 3 months so YOU can become a software engineer? What if someone told you that the average salary of a bootcamp graduate is SIX FIGURES. Would you do it then? If you answered YES, to any or all of the questions, you should tune in and listen to our chat with Kush Patel who founded App Academy. On this episode we talk about how post on Hacker News led to the creation of App Academy, Dev Bootcamp, Hack Reactor and Hackbright App Academy has a very interesting tuition model that enables access to anyone who is willing to work hard. Once you're accepted into App Academy, you only have to pay back the tuition if you FIND a job. After you find a job, they take 18% of your first-year salary that comes out to be comparable with the cost of other bootcamps. If you take a second to think about it, they have to really believe in their students and take a lot of upfront RISK. However, they are so confident in this model, their curriculum and the demand for software engineers that they are willing to make this bet. check out this episode: If you decide to apply, do make sure to go to our website and check out tips on how to prepare for AA's entrance exam.