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#4 Product of the WeekMarch 21, 2017



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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Breaker (YC W17) replaced Overcast as my default podcast player a few weeks ago when I got into the beta. The app has many of the same features as other podcast apps (e.g. sleep timer, skip forward, subscriptions) but with community and focus on episode-level discovery. I'm excited to see it grow as a product and community. Find me in the app (username: rrhoover) to see what I'm listening to. 😊
Lucas Grohn@ljgrohn · Redfin, Trainer
@rrhoover The focus on finding individual podcast episodes that fit my usage pattern has been awesome!
Jerry Becker@beckerjs · All Around Good Guy
@rrhoover : I've been beta testing it, too and it's also overtaken Overcast as my default podcast player. One thing I would love to see the Breaker team tackle is the problem of hearing podcast references then having to look them up on my own. Podcasts often reference books, videos, articles, etc and when I want to see what they're talking about, I have to exit the app, do my own search for it and hope I find the right one they're referencing. I've dreamed of a podcast player that somehow allowed listeners to access these references with a single tap at the moment they're mentioned (cuz shownotes don't always include everything). I'd love to see the Breaker team solve this paint point. @sferik @leahculver - any thoughts? But even if they don't, it's a solid app, even in Beta form.
Marc@themarc · Podcaster, Brew Bloods
@beckerjs I think you're asking for unprecedented AI here, way beyond what even Alexa can do; it's light years of scope creep for a podcast app. I would suggest emailing your favorite podcasts and ask them to beef up their show notes. @rrhoover
Jerry Becker@beckerjs · All Around Good Guy
@themarc @rrhoover : having AI handle the task is def one approach - and I agree, one that might be far off from becoming reality. Another option might be to put the onus on the uploader to insert the links with timestamps and then have Breaker just pull the links up in time when the podcast is playing. Another option would be to crowdsource it - let listeners put those links in and have them come up in time. Different ways of achieving the same thing...
Josh Muccio@joshmuccio ·
@rrhoover yup. Been using Breaker for a couple of weeks and I love it. My favorite part is the social aspect and the ability to see what shows your friends are listening 2.
Ernest Semerda@ernestsemerda · Cofounder of @IQBOXY (YC W17) #aussie
@rrhoover ditto! My fav podcast app now. Super awesome discovery and the ongoing innovation far surpasses the apple version. It even works on my older smaller factor device. Thanks Team Breaker for building a kick-ass product!!
Seth Sandler@sethsandler · Mobile Leader @Workpop
@beckerjs I was just discussing this with a friend and we have the same issue. We're debating if we want to be the one to tackle it since we're both developers. There's both AI and non-AI solutions.
Jerry Becker@beckerjs · All Around Good Guy
@sethsandler I like it! What solution are you guys leaning toward? AI then license it out to the various podcast apps?
Seth Sandler@sethsandler · Mobile Leader @Workpop
@beckerjs I think AI is an interesting one; definitely a challenge. Crowdsourcing is another consideration, but I think tougher in other ways; this is what my friend was initially thinking while I'm leaning towards an automated solution. I like the idea of licensing it out or creating an adoptable framework/standard of some sort. However, since I also have other frustrations with podcasting apps and have been experimenting with solving my own needs (ie. adapting the UI to fit where/how I'm listening) and since I haven't seen/heard anyone trying to solve those things yet, any initial implementation may be in yet another podcast app.
Noah Mittman@noahmittman · alumnus
@beckerjs @rrhoover @sferik @leahculver slicing out a portion of the user commentary space for crowdsourced show notes, branched of off automatic transcription, could be a fun way to approach that
Jerry Becker@beckerjs · All Around Good Guy
@noahmittman @rrhoover @sferik @leahculver I like this! Great MVP feature to validate the problem/solution
James Pember@jamesepember · CEO, Sparta
@beckerjs @rrhoover @sferik @leahculver Acast are trying to solve this problem - making it easier for podcasters to build more rich show notes. They show dynamic content within the app (i.e. links/quotes/images etc) as the show is playing.
Tese Omesan@tese_omesan · CEO and Storyteller, The Black TCK
@themarc @beckerjs @rrhoover I think the use of insertable cards at different points of the podcast, in a way that is similar to tapewrite would be incredibly useful and attainable.
Android please 😐
Erik Michaels-Ober
@sferik · Maker, Breaker
@palavalli We‘re just getting started! We do plan to build an Android app eventually.
Matt Horton@mattahorton · Product Manager, Capital One
@sferik @palavalli "eventually"
Albiniak@malbiniak · Product Manager
@sferik Great! I'd provide contact information in exchange for letting me know if "eventually" ever turns into "currently."
ian douglas@iandouglas736
@sferik how far off is "eventually" -- weeks? months?
Andrew Ettinger@andrewett · PMM @ Twitter, Previously @ Product Hunt
I'd love to be able to follow all or select some of the people im following on Twitter / Facebook
Jason Alt@littlewyvern · Co-Founder,
@andrewett yeah, it's just recommending random strangers to follow. There also doesn't seem to be a way to share my own profile to my friends. I can only share the generic app, and do they then just have to manually search for me?
Alexandre Mouriec@mrcalexandre · Associate @ Argos VR | Writer @ Stuffi
I was able to try the beta of Breaker thanks to Product Hunt 🙏and I really like the app. The social aspect might not work for everyone but IMO it can be a great way to democratize podcasts. I am currently try it instead of Overcast to see if it could replace it. I have some feedback. User onboarding for login could be better if It would open the Twitter app instead of on Safari. The experience would be better 😃Otherwise really great app 👏
Nick Coates@gadgick · Creative developer / Tools @ Symantec
@mrcalexandre I agree on the user on boarding, would be easier if it opened the Twitter app (if installed) 👌
Frank@stillupmysleeve · Independent Designer & Photographer
@mrcalexandre how does this app democratize podcasts? I'm not sure I follow.
abasa@abasa · founder, PRIMO
This is the app that I'm not crazy enough to make but I've been waiting for someone to develope for a very long time. Great job!
Leah Culver
@leahculver · Founder & CTO, Breaker
@abasa haha I agree! Thanks! It was a lot of work.