Breadware Mega-B

Turn anything into a smart device

Nice work Daniel and Breadware team on launching a simple IDE. After playing with the IDE for about 3 hours, I was able to generate a clean code stack that had the dev board talking to server. Bluetooth sensor talking to iPhone app reporting up to a server. Excited to see other makers will prototype with Breadware.
Thanks for hunting Christian! Breadware is in general an excellent tool to make MVP's on the spot. Through the entire hardware/IDE toolkit, you can compile and port your firmware, build a customized mobile app interface, and construct your cloud-connected dashboard all within minutes to nail down your functional proof-of-concept before taking your prototype to production. Saying that, Breadware is also an excellent teaching tool that gives students learning the diverse elements of the Internet of Things an intuitive building platform that reinforces internalization of firmware, basic prototyping principles, and the relationships between each layer of the cloud-integrated stack. Curriculums are provided to assist students through the necessary strategic prototyping planning before they get started.