Learn how to reduce your risks from the Equifax breach.

BreachBot is a conversational bot for Facebook Messenger designed for those who aren't sure where to start with safeguarding themselves from the Equifax breach. In addition to walking you through steps you can take to reduce your risks from the breach, you can take a basic security checkup to discover tools to help better protect yourself online.

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Someone had to do this, Seth — I'm glad it was you! BTW the entire presentation is quite polished, but I'm not surprised ;-) What's your plan for promoting to the "uninitiated"? I feel like the ones who'll benefit from BreachBot's guidance are the folks who may not be inclined to experiment with a Messenger chatbot — or even be familiar with the concept.
Seth Cottle
Product Design at Capital One
@jffrybrwn one of the drivers for BreachBot was to show how incredibly easy it is to start interacting with a chatbot and experience the benefits of having that first helpful conversation about a worrisome topic such as the Equifax breach. But you're unfortunately right, it's going to be a long road getting the target market of BreachBot to actually adopt and experiment with chatbots. I think we'll continue to see adoption of chatbots rapidly increase and with that will come adoption from users that aren't as tech savvy. We're already seeing Facebook take strides with Messenger to add a discovery tab just for bots and start making them an important pillar of their Messenger platform. Most of the audience that would benefit from BreachBot are already using Facebook, which is why I opted to have him exclusive to the platform for now - with plans to bring him to Google Assistant and Alexa as I continue to build out and expand his functionality.
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Sebastian ZielińskiSoftware Engineer and Machine learning