A new browser written in Javascript: Modular & Hackable.

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By the way, I know @spolu from the Breach's team is checking the comments. So feel free to ask him questions.
Looks really interesting—one question, where did the name/domain come from? makes me think “credit card breach”, which is not a great association. (!) Anyway, I'll check it out soon.
@jasoncrawford Someone on GitHub answered to a similar question "does chromium makes you think about chemistry?" ... I like that answer though the question is totally legit :) Breach could be scary but it tries to convey the fact that we're breaching through an existing model to get to something new... It's also kind of a joke at the same time.
@spolu Cool, well, didn't mean to detract from more central issues—it looks like a cool concept and I'm going to try it out.
@jasoncrawford great! :) Let me know what you think and how I can help!
@spolu I'm posting this from Breach! :o) Pretty good OOB experience, although my Mac complained that the app was from an unidentified developer, or whatever. It looks like it is to browsers what Atom is to editors, which is exciting. Will have to dive deeper later.
@jasoncrawford That's it :) Congrats on posting this from Breach !!!
from a technical viewpoint - amazing work! especially love the color extraction for tab stripes.
@_subnet Thanks ! :) This part is fun indeed!
@spolu Just to get this right - the rendering engine is chromium?