BRD 3.0 for iPhone

The simple way to purchase and protect your cryptocurrency.

BRD (most will know it by its former name, Bread Wallet) is a long-trusted bitcoin wallet that has made its name around being one of the most secure ways to store bitcoin. In the past year or so, they've also added support for ETH and BCH. Now with BRD 3.0, they've enabled ERC20 token trading: Send, receive, and buy 100+ of the most popular tokens.

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Disclosure, I am CTO of this company. I've stored bitcoin on BRD (previously Bread) for years and never had an issue. We have really good support, so if anyone is having issues we typically respond within an hour or so.


Highly secure, easy to use, beautiful design, supports a lot of different type of coins


Have to write down and secure phrase, no litecoin

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have to write down the secure phrase isn't a con if anything it is pro not many secure wallets support that and they force users to create accounts which adds a security risk due to it being relant on a server , and a not supporting a coin isn't con

Bad Fee Estimation/Calculator both economy and regular are the same fee when eco should be much lower ,BCH tx are fine at 0.01$ and normally confirms

Also notepoint it is open source but to get it from github you have to complie it there are no releases of the APK on github


Multicoin support , Allows You to be "your own bank" , Open Source, Good UI/UX


Bad Fee Estimation/Calculator

Doesn't allow exporting Private key or migration to other wallets

No Dark Theme

Uses Changelly for exchange

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I like this SPV wallet, mostly because it is connecting directly to Bitcoin nodes from my iPhone, instead of relying on another protocol (ex HTTP) to retrieve the headers. I hope this will be implemented also for Ethereum (is it yet?)


Easy to use SPV wallet, Supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and other ERC20 tokens :)


They just added BRD tokens to offer services to their users... but

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Ethereum "light-protocol" (SPV for ethereum) is in progress!

Easy to use, simple, secure, best UI/UX for crypto


Multi coin support, decentralized


None yet

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This app is supported on Android add it on the product links
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