Winson reviewedBrave SoftwareBrave browser blocks all the greed and ugliness on the web

Huge Fonts, DuckDuckGo, Feels Faster, Tor, Token Reward system is Good for Publishers, Minimalist Browser, Read Detailed Account


Rather Earn BTC than BAT Tokens, Blocky Design, Installation doesn't create desktop icon, previewing tabs confusing, only 7 extension sofar

Brave was a great find for me as I only started delving into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies last year. Right after Steemit, this is the next project that excites me in this space.

I'm going to support, recommend and evangelize the use of the Brave Browser , and reduce our dependence on Google.

Wrote a blog post on:

A) The Dark Underbelly of Google & The Unusual Brave Browser

B) Brave Browser Review, How it Really Pays you to Use or Publish

Winson has used this product for one week.