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Fast, safe, private browser

With your old browser, you paid to browse the web by viewing ads. Now, Brave welcomes you to the new Internet. One where your time is valued, your personal data is kept private, and you actually get paid for your attention through Brave Rewards.

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Community Lead | Early Adopter

Been using since January 2016 (developer version), and now as my default browser!


Faster Browser, Block ads and trackers, Protect your privacy + Basic Attention Token


Only a few extension currently available

Works with Chrome extensions now, so it's even better!
Android Developer

I have a 2009 Macbook Pro and after I downloaded Brave it feels like a new computer because of the increased speed. I tried Brave for the first time a couple years ago, but did not stick with it because of how frequently I use Chrome extensions in my productivity flow. Now that Chrome extensions are supported it is a game changer. I am trying Brave out as my default browser now.

Currently, the only area lacking is the lack of support for Android text messages at www.messages.android.com.


fast, import settings & bookmarks from Chrome, supports Chrome extensions


doesn't support Android Messages www.messages.android.com.

Artist, Self-employed

Already using Brave Browser for almost 2 years now since March 2016 as daily web browser on my laptop. It's improved and getting better in every releases.

Brave also doing great on mobile.


Simple, Faster, Easy to Use and Privacy Focused. Block Ads and Trackers and other opt-in blocking options. ++ for Basic Attention Token


Only support few extentions.

Bitcoin @ CoinZodiac.com

Brave was a great find for me as I only started delving into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies last year. Right after Steemit, this is the next project that excites me in this space.

I'm going to support, recommend and evangelize the use of the Brave Browser , and reduce our dependence on Google.

Wrote a blog post on:

A) The Dark Underbelly of Google & The Unusual Brave Browser

B) Brave Browser Review, How it Really Pays you to Use or Publish


Huge Fonts, DuckDuckGo, Feels Faster, Tor, Token Reward system is Good for Publishers, Minimalist Browser, Read Detailed Account


Rather Earn BTC than BAT Tokens, Blocky Design, Installation doesn't create desktop icon, previewing tabs confusing, only 7 extension sofar

Industrial Crypto Mining Firm

Can be better


Nice soft.


Awful affiliate marketing and the advertiser shaves leads.

I get a bit emotional on this because many don't seem to foresee the impact of such a all-in-one solution. Even from a marketers point of view this whole thing makes a lot of sense. It feels like sneaking into the 2020's. As a plus, this whole browser inspired me to create playlists on YouTube or to upload some of my artworks on the web. As a computer specialist I will continue to recommend Brave!


Testet it under heavy workloads with fast clicking Very fast with great stability for normal users My faved extensions work great so far


I think the Brave developers are still doing the fine tuning and for some this would count as a negative point.

Quantitative JavaScript developer
I first heard about this browser in a podcast interview with Brendan Eich. Fantastic idea. I would have liked to see it use a non-Chromium engine to create more competition, but I guess that's something we have to live with these days.