David Lima Cohen
David Lima Cohen reviewedBrandyA brand asset manager for your menu bar

Simple, easy to use, handy.


Some UX considerations (see below).

I love single-purpose minimalistic apps like this!

However, I'm having some issues:

- When opening at login, it displays the main window.

- Can't drag and drop assets into "choose file" dialogs.

Unfortunately that last one is a deal breaker for me since I mostly use my assets in the browser :/

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Nichlas W. Andersen
Nichlas W. Andersen@nichlaswa · Art Director & Graphic Designer
Thanks, David! I will fix the window opening up automatically issue. I did some testing with drag and drop to file uploaders, and it works with jpg, png ++ here, but some file uploaders won't accept svg. What file type are you trying to drag and drop?