A brand asset manager for your menu bar


Brandy is a brand asset manager that keeps your team in sync with correct assets at all times.

Drag and drop logos or copy hex codes by clicking on swatches, brandy is meant to be a toolkit to help you stay productive.

Note: Brandy is still in early beta, some things might not work as expected. Please leave me a note if you find something ❤︎

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David Lima Cohen
Thomas Refvik
 +12 reviews
  • David Lima Cohen
    David Lima CohenWeb developer

    Simple, easy to use, handy.


    Some UX considerations (see below).

    I love single-purpose minimalistic apps like this!

    However, I'm having some issues:

    - When opening at login, it displays the main window.

    - Can't drag and drop assets into "choose file" dialogs.

    Unfortunately that last one is a deal breaker for me since I mostly use my assets in the browser :/

    David Lima Cohen has used this product for one day.
  • Nassos Kappa
    Nassos KappaDesign Director at Brill & Tigerspike

    Fast, easy, looks great!


    Not great on team management (yet)

    I loved how fast I could set up the brand and share it with the team.

    Nassos Kappa has used this product for one day.