Are you making something that needs a brand? These free guides help you build one: from logo design to copywriting. Includes all the tools that make branding easy.
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Hello there! 👋 I created brand building guides & tools for every budget. It’s for you: the makers. You face brutal competition and you NEED effective messages, logos, videos, images, websites and other branding. During a decade of building brands I often lacked time ⏳ or money 💰. This forced me to find ways to efficiently build powerful brands. So I collected them at It includes all the tools you’ll need. I hope it helps you to achieve gloriously. 🏆 Your (savage) feedback is very welcome. 🙏 Many thanks to @bramk for the hunt!
great product
I've never gotten stuck on one PH posting like this. Really enjoying the content on the site... I'm about 45min into reading the guides! Great work.
There are a lot of editorial mistakes, though. Words clipped off of images, unfinished sentences, duplicate sentences, etc. Forgivable given the fact that the content itself is still quality.
@trentguillory This is really heartwarming to read, thanks a bunch. I'll make sure to run through it again. To be honest, I employed a freelancer to put book text online, so I guess I should have combed through them. Editorial fatigue is real though.
Thanks a lot! Inspirational tools for branding. Especially for Ukrainian products.) It's not easy to select relevant attributes of brand to target segments.
@svitlana_karvan Glad it was of help to you! I have to be honest, I never had Ukranian products in mind when I wrote these guides. I guess choosing attributes per segment is a challenge everywhere.
Crisp language, inspiring content. Recommended!