Create a style guide & integrate with Sketch, Slack, & Gulp

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I've been working on a free, open source version of this that runs on Google Sheets. Check it out:
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Thanks for hunting us, @ashbhoopathy! Hello Product Hunt, We’re thrilled to get out the door, and into the hands of product hunters! Our goal is to help companies make their brand look awesome and consistent everywhere- across their website, blog, apps, ads, emails, social network pages, and presentations. Organizing, sharing, and synchronizing design assets across projects, teams, and platforms is a pain. Visual debt tends to accumulate quickly, resulting in costly maintenance overhead, a broken brand story, and frustration among creative souls and makers. Traditional style guides temporarily address the problem, but they quickly get abandoned since they’re difficult to maintain and use. takes a different approach. Instead of relying on policy enforcement, it makes it easier for everyone to ‘do the right thing’ by integrating with existing tools and workflows, and keeping everything in sync. We’re just getting started, and this is our first public appearance- your feedback would be much appreciated! We’re happy to give 20% off exclusively for this community of makers.
@ehudhal Yeah, this is a great approach. Traditional style guides are throwaway mastubatory jokes instead of guardrails, which you're basically baking into existing workflows. Awesome way to shape enterprise behavior.
I'm legit pumped to try this out later today! I see you guys help import SASS and less... Any other upcoming integrations to make styling easier?
@katoree we currently support export to SAAS, Less, and Stylus, and we're adding export to JSON, YAML, and XML formats. We also offer Gulp and Grunt integrations, so you can add a task to your build script, and update your application style automatically with any changes. On the designer end, we're adding Photoshop integration very soon. We've prepared a survey that lists multiple integrations that we're considering next. Click the 'Cast Your Vote' link on the homepage to help us prioritize :)
Managing the ever expanding universe of brand presence is a great value... integrating it with collaboration tools is magic!
For this to be useful, the font selection needs to be expanded - perhaps allowing the uploading of fonts. Right now this only covers a tiny minority of fonts, making it useless for print projects and any interactive project using anything but google fonts. That's severely limiting. I'm also not sure if I'd spend yet another subscription fee of $10/month on something that's really quite basic and that can be customized from an in-house template by one of our designers in 10 minutes.
@andreasduess thanks for checking it out and for your feedback. We're working on expanding the font selection, and I'll update here when it goes live. I'd love to hear more about your creative process. Would you be willing to share some insights offline?
@ehudhal of course. I am sorry to be less than enthusiastic about something you guys worked hard on, but I do think the limitations outweigh the utility here, starting with, but not ending with, the fonts. Style guides are more than a logo and a font, as I am certain you are aware, and currently it doesn't look like that complexity is accommodated. I like the idea of keeping a living document online, but that is something easily achieved with existing tools that do not come with an additional price tag. In fact, it is something we already do, with tools targeted to the clients needs. Google docs, MS docs, Wordpress with a custom page template, various Adobe products as well as project management software such as asana can achieve a more flexible result from within an existing framework of tools. Think about it, your $10/month per brand competes with $10/month for a full office suite from both MS and Google, it competes with the insane usefulness of Slack for $5/month, it competes with access to all the music in the world from Spotify. I'm happy to pay for great software that makes problems go away, but currently this feels to me like an, expensive and poorly featured, solution in search of a problem.
@andreasduess you have a designer that can customize a style guide in just 10 minutes?
@rigadoohaus my apologies for being less than clear. What I meant to say is that we have templates that we have built specifically for Corporate Identity presentations and sharing. These templates, in a variety of formats ranging from google docs to Wordpress pages to (gasp) PowerPoint slides are indeed customizable with very little time investment. Setting them up took a little longer.
@andreasduess thanks for sharing this and the feedback. That's helpful.