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One link to download your iOS or Android app, or open the URL of your website. One link for any app, any platform, and any device. No more broken user experiences and no more delays.

Branch App URLs are powered by the platforms, meaning they have full attribution and support deep linking.


  • Clyde AutinFounder, CEO, Gamers' Grid

    Really easy to setup, app links are critical for marketing


    Wish instructions for deep linking were a little clearer

    App links are free and super easy to implement, I was really glad once we started using them

    Clyde Autin has used this product for one month.
  • Edward SmithSoftware Engineer

    Fast links to your app across desktop and mobile.


    Deeplinks can get complicated. Fortunately there's documentation if you want to spend the time.

    It's free, it's fast, and it works. What's better than that?

    Edward Smith has used this product for one month.


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Alex Jubien@alexjubien · Mobile Strategist
Great stuff! An important point regarding this kind of tool: allowing to provide non AppStore or PlayStore url for iOS and Android. Use cases: - iOS app is launched but not Android app (or vice versa), for which an "upcoming / coming soon" landing page exists for people to suscribe and be notified at launch. You want then to propagate (articles, social media, ads, ...) a link that will drive iOS users to AppStore and Android users to the "Android coming soon" landing page. Being able to change the Android link once app is launched is crucial then (but still keeping the same Branch url, that is already in articles, social media, etc...). - iOS native app and Progressive Web App or web app on Android. Then you want the Android link to drive people elsewhere than PlayStore Unfortunately, other similar solutions don't handle these use cases properly (forcing AppStore or PlayStore URLs). Or even worse, they drive users to an in-between page with ads, before redirecting. Good news is that this Branch URLs tool seems to handle such cases perfectly! (@Branch team : keep it this way for these use cases, though I admit they're not mainstream)
Mada Seghete@mada_seghete
@branchmetrics @alexjubien Thanks Alex! Great feedback! As you mentioned we handle those cases and allow event deeper customization at both account and link level if you use the Branch Dashboard!
Mircea Baldean@baldean · Founder & CEO, MeetVibe, Inc.
We've recently integrated the Branch functionality into MeetVibe. I love the Universal URL concept, opening certain key URLs as in-app deeplinks. Elegant! Also, the Quick Links feature helps us and our clients understand the app installation conversion rate. Great platform!
Mada SegheteMakerHiring@mada299 · Founder, Branch Metrics
@baldean Happy to help!
Mada SegheteMakerHiring@mada299 · Founder, Branch Metrics
This is a simple, fast way to create one link for all your app stores. Would love feedback from the PH community!!!
Justin Anyanwu@joanyanw · I love tech. I believe in humanity.
@mada299 Your's looks a lot friendlier than . But what differentiates it from
Mada Seghete@mada_seghete
@mada299 @joanyanw Hi Justin, the biggest differentiation is the Branch platform behind it that provides full attribution, allows you to add additional parameters, use it for referrals etc. Our links also support Universal Links, App Links, etc.
Justin Anyanwu@joanyanw · I love tech. I believe in humanity.
Mordo de Maru@mordodemaru · PMM | Product Hunt Madrid
The de facto deeplinking standard, is covering the space with more functionality every day!
Mada SegheteMakerHiring@mada299 · Founder, Branch Metrics
@mordodemaru Thank you for all your support and feedback over the past few years :)
Go, go, go! Love Branch!
Mada SegheteMakerHiring@mada299 · Founder, Branch Metrics
@ruslannaz Yay :) Thank you!