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Gah! I had to go through the questionnaire only to learn it's iOS only! That's very aggravating. How hard is it to just mention that in the beginning?!
@dfoster I guess at this point our question is, when will it be released for Android.
@dfoster Hi Daniel! In total transparency we weren't expecting a Product Hunt launch just yet, but it looks like a fan jumped the gun. Our Android build is actually complete and we're doing some final QA on our end - will send out an email with access early next week!
@syed8rahman Expecting launch or not....why not just make it clear what platform your product is built for in the very beginning?
Whoa, beautifully animated. Props to the creative team.
Love this and excited for more :).
Interesting idea! The animations are beautiful. Fun way to learn new things.
Beautifully designed product! Love the animations, signing up for sure.