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Jonathan Livescault
Jonathan LivescaultMakerHiring@jlivescault · CEO @ Braineet
Hi guys, I'm Jonathan, Braineet's CEO. We're super excited to be hunted today, thanks a lot @jberrebi. Dozens of teams have already created their team space, please share with us all your ideas/questions/feedback to make your experience better. We actually created this new product as we discussed the past few months with hundreds of big brands and startups about our consumer platform, and many of them actually asked us for a company/team private space. As a team at Braineet, we were also having difficulties keeping track of all team members' ideas and more importantly, reshuffle them at anytime with a clear prioritization. That's why we launched Braineet Team Space :)
Andrea Hill
Andrea Hill@afhill · Founder, Frameplay Consulting LLC
Hi Jonathan, I'm a bit confused by the point. (Admittedly haven't downloaded the app yet). Is it for my internal team, or submitting ideas to other brands? There's a strong focus on submitting your ideas to brands on the app store listing, which isn't super compelling to me to share with my team?
Jonathan Livescault
Jonathan LivescaultMakerHiring@jlivescault · CEO @ Braineet
@afhill Hi Andrea, thanks for the feedback. Indeed, it is confusing. We just launched the "Braineet team space". You have actually 2 Braineet platforms on the same website and app : 1. The public one to share ideas with the whole community and every brand. 2. Your own confidential private team space. People can join your private space by being invited or thanks to their professional email address. => And the cool thing is that you can "switch" anytime, if you want to, from one to the other by clicking the double arrows icon. Does it make more sense?
Romain Sourdiaux
Romain Sourdiaux@imromains · 🍋
Salut @jlivescault, Wouldn’t it be easier for my team to create a specific slack channel to share ideas? Why should I use your app?
Jonathan Livescault
Jonathan LivescaultMakerHiring@jlivescault · CEO @ Braineet
Salut @imromains, you sure could create a team slack channel. But it's not made for this and will underperform vs. Braineet: you won't be able to follow ideas across time, to see which ones are studied/under progress/in action/not feasible, to manage your workflow, to launch idea challenges.