The platform to share your ideas with your favorite brands

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Cool idea! There've been probably a dozen times that I've emailed a product person or CEO of a company to share an idea or two I have. As a user, it's fun to think that you can maybe, sorta, slightly help nudge a product that you love in a direction you think it should go.
Smart idea but agree that the UI really needs some work.
Thanks @sixside, our CTO is looking into this and has reached out to you on Twitter :)
Sounds like a really fun idea. I have often heard people having ideas for brands but unable to reach them. I'm wondering what the reward system is. UI of the platform really needs some work though; I get stuck at the introduction.
Thanks @thisisjorik and @ted_hardy. Glad you like the concept :) We've been live for 3m, so hopefully a lot to improve in UI & UX ! Please do share with us all your feedback and "brainees" to make it better, here or directly on Braineet using @Braineet. Jorik, the reward system is threefold : - You are personally recognized for what YOU think by people and brands around the world. And together, we get smarter every day. - You contribute improving the lives of millions, incl. yours when brands realize ideas you either posted, enriched or supported. - You win prizes in Competitions of Ideas organized by brands on specific topics (arriving early Jan.) It's awesome to discuss Braineet with you guys. Special thanks to @jberrebi for featuring us.
@ted_hardy @Braineet @jlivescault thanks for replying! I think it would be a great feature to reach out to a brand on Facebook or Twitter as soon as they get mentioned on the platform. That way it's easy for your platform to grow and makes the ideas more visible. In other word it increases the call-to-action for users and brands.