Brain Pump

Random educational videos. Learn something new.

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could be a nice compliment to instanerd :) cc @mightyalex
@eriktorenberg Yeah, I love it. (I guess we commented in the same time) :)
Hey nice idea, similar to but with videos. I like that the videos are continuous so you don't have to click next after one finishes, also the switch doesn't exits fullscreen. I would only suggest having an approval system before someone can post a video live. Me personally love to have one place where all videos from Vsauce, Minutephysics, ASAP Science, Veritasium and all the other popular science channels on youtube will be aggregated.
@mightyalex We're doing just that with The engineering side of has been the challenge not YT ingestion, but the organization. Now we're adding stickier features. Would love your take. Love what you've done with Instanerd.
@odower you have +1 user now :) I like how you have tagged the facts in every video. Amazing!
Pump it up! Simple ideas are often the best ones.
Very cool. Could easily replace the 15+ educational follows I currently have on Twitter.
I did a video review of Brainpump -