Brain Maker

The power of gut microbes to heal and protect your brain

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Has a lot of good reviews on Amazon, anyone from around here with a feedback?
@idmtr I keep hearing about this too, but haven't read. Will add it to the list!
@mscccc Please share a feedback if you finish it soon. Food is an increasingly important topic, especially for people who need to stay focused most of the day while multitasking. I am adding it to the reading list too:)
@idmtr this book is fantastic. If you're interested in understanding the biology and studies behind the gut-brain connection, this is a very interesting read. Highly recommended!
@desinavadeh Thanks for the feedback. Will definitely check it! The gut-brain turns out to be as important as the main one:)
Great read. My mind's been a lot clearer and focused since applying what I've learned from this book. Explore what seems applicable, a lot of related research on the relationship between your mind and gut is finally starting to come together.