Brain Errors

How exploitable is your brain?

#3 Product of the DayNovember 11, 2018

Brain Errors is a collection of experiments that shows us the mistakes we make are built into our brain. We are programmed to make cognitive shortcuts that often leave us making faulty decisions.

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Looks really interesting! I've heard about some of these before and always wished they were collected in one place - nice! One note: you might want to consider changing the text/bg colors, it's slightly hard to read for some reason.
@zelena Thanks! I tried to go for this neon/glitchy style, but it might be too much. Will take it into consideration :)
@brian_khouw Ah I see - then I guess it worked as expected: the style is quite literally glitchy 😝
website giving me ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID. After disabling, it shows a 404, "Oops, looks like the page is lost". so its not opening for me..
@candhforlife Does it work now? Maybe the host is having some downtime, I might need to switch..
@brian_khouw unfortunately, no. it is not opening :(
@candhforlife Thanks for checking it out, let me check with my host. Does it work with http instead of https?
@brian_khouw oh, it does work with http! Sorry I had https everywhere enabled.
@candhforlife Glad it worked :)
Nice stuff! Went through all of those. You have problems with the "camp counselor" section though: noticed wrong options in group A.
@paul_danyliuk Fixed it, thanks!
Coool collection. I don't see any tests for white privilege. How am I to rid myself of this curse if I don't know what to test for. Every time i look in the mirror I keep getting a 406 Not Acceptable error. Please help. Also this site's legibility mad bleak, personal style/aesthetics should be a marginal afterthought of functional typographic concerns.
@omnispace_designer Sorry to hear that, that sucks. Where do you live? If I find such test I will add them in a next update.
@brian_khouw Texas, but lately the internet. Depression seems inevitable. Thankfully its just an error in my brain so I'll get a patch soon.
@omnispace_designer It is probably not easy these times with all the political stuff and divide going on. I hope you consider reaching out for help if you feeling depressed.
THIS IS AMAZING I PUT IN EXACTLY GROUP A'S ANSWER for a question and I'm going crazy!!!
@eralpbayraktar Haha, what are the chances :)