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Good to see some innovation from adobe. This is still experimental but shows promise.
I've been using Brackets since about sprint 12. It's got so much good stuff going on for web dev. Previously I was using Sublime Text 2, but there's no going back now.
I've tried to start using it but with so much Ruby in my work, I find myself flipping back to Sublime Text. @corey_gwin any more info on why you love it so much more than ST?
@ZackShapiro Ya, I should clarify, when I'm not in Xcode, I'm fairly JavaScript heavy for web dev. For client-side dev, I'm a big fan of the built in live development and inline CSS and JavaScript function editing. Imagine you're editing an HTML element with a specific class, you can select the element's class, hit CMD+E and it opens the stylesheet inline of the HTML doc for editing and then updates live when saved. Pretty rad for JavaScript functions too where you have a function you're calling somewhere else in the library and just want to reference or edit without leaving your current block of code. I use it for Node.js as well as it has great debugging and code hinting and linting. There's lots of other good stuff, code hinting, growing number of extensions, it's also pretty :P, but Brackets is certainly more HTML5 and JavaScript focused.
@corey_gwin I played around with the HTML/CSS functionality a few months ago and LOVED that. It's the way things should work. 100% I need to play with it on the JS side, that may be a gamechanger.